Santa Fe, NM
Jenkins Mountain, Sperryville, VA
River House, McLean, VA
Beach House, Indian Beach, DE
Sail House, Sussex County, DE
Puget Sound, Seattle, WA
Evolutionary House, Great Falls, VA
Meadow House, Great Falls, VA
Making the simple complicated is common, Making the complicated simple is creativity.

Designing Custom Homes

I offer design services for custom homes in several ways. Sometimes I am asked to simply make design suggestions to a design that an owner already has prepared or purchased. This usually requires preparing overlay sketches showing alternate solutions to owner-identified problems. Fees for this service are typically billed hourly.

Occasionally I am asked to provide design drawings for new homes with the owner and/or builder providing the construction drawings needed for permit and construction. Fees for this service are billed hourly or billed at a fixed fee, depending on the project's complexity.

Usually, for custom homes, I am asked to provide full services, which include preparing design drawings, construction drawings and specifications and construction administration services. Fees for this are usually billed as a fixed fee, depending on the project's complexity.

Providing full services for custom homes is a team effort between the client and the architect. The more information clients initially provide about their goals, budget, life style and aesthetic preferences, the more successful the journey. To help you gather this important information, I will give you a list of questions and other items to address in an early meeting before design begins. My goal is to provide a simple, clear and low-stress process in which we will enjoy every step of this journey together.