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A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step


Welcome to the web site of an architect who loves designing architecture of all types - particularly houses and changes to houses. I hope this site gives you a glimpse of my passion and love for architecture and answers many of your questions, beginning with...

Why work with an architect?

People are often confident that they can design their own house or addition without much help. They anticipate they might need someone to draw their ideas, or assure that their design will be strong, or navigate the building codes and permit process, or administer their contract with their builder. They hope that the result will be beautiful and within their budget without the help of an architect. Some succeed.

Others are not quite so confident, but fear that architects are mostly interested in projects larger than theirs, or that architect's fees are too costly, or that architects only design in a certain style.

Good architects - those skillful designers with deep experience - welcome the design challenge of projects both large and small. These architects can design creative solutions in any style, resulting in floor plans that flow easily and spaces that comfortably satisfy a life style, using construction methods and materials that are sustainable and save money over a long time.... and, most importantly, create a solution that will be beautiful forever.

Reviewing this web site is a first step to helping you determine whether I might be the architect for you. The next step would be for us to talk together. You can call anytime, or simply make an appointment for us to meet and sit and talk. Initial appointments at my office in Great Falls, Virginia are always free.